23 Photos that will create in you a spirit of the holidays even if it’s not what you had

Millions of people are eagerly awaiting the festivities of December. During these dates, many will gather with their families or with their friends to rest in order to relax, chat, or give and receive gifts. But not all people go to these parties so traditional.

Great.guru gathered some photos eloquent and emotional that will create in you the spirit navdieño. It in such a way that you’re going to want to put the Christmas tree if you haven’t done so!

23. Everyone likes to receive gifts at Christmas

22. And continue good traditions, for example, decorate the tree with all the family, even if they are already adults

21. No matter how old we are, we believe in the miracle

20. Because the soul always will remain children

My Santa does not change.

19. For some, the year-end holidays are the time to think about life

18. Or to sleep in the arms of Santa Claus

17. Meet with friends that you haven’t seen in years

16. And a good rest from all the problems

15. Some of you receive good news at Christmas

14. Others will become stronger in the coming year

13. The dreams in this time are true even if you are… a dog

12. Be optimistic, even if the christmas holidays I caught her off guard at work

11. Emanates light to improve your mood and those of others

10. Even if you already do not have forces to the end of the year, of all ways to put a tree

It does not matter that it is a very small.

9. You can create one original

8. Surely you’ll have helpers

7. Prepare them gifts at all… or become one of them

6. Choose your suit christmas favorite

5. And make a wish

4. When Santa Claus come back from vacation

3. Discuss your wishes with your colleagues

2. And with an army of his helpers

1. I and certainly will become a reality!

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