23 Goods whose creators have an extraordinary sense of humor

Not all manufacturers of goods are crazy about marketing and looking to enhance their sales, some have time to joke around and introduce you to the world articles totally unusual.

Great.guru gathered for you the best examples of goods whose creators turned out to have a sense of humor is very good.

23. My dog bit his toy and found inside another, but very sad

22. New point-of-view of the polo

21. The actual product may be different to what you see in the photo

20. When you’re a monster on the inside

19. The slicer grandmothers are concerned about a grandma

18. The winner of any prize. But who cares, right?

17. Schweppes and the mysterious Russian soul

16. More hot in Mordor

15. Magic in every piece

14. Candies for sore throat

13. Geniuses of the packaging

12. A simple way to diversify a little the life of a couple

11. When you are willing to do anything for a joke good

Illuminatea is read as “illuminati“. And the slogan ”A Product of the Brew World Order” refers to the phrase “Product of the New World Order”, although in place of the word new is used to Brew (infusion).

10. When the manufacturer knows well to your client

9. Think twice before being walked on

8. What is the effect of the sauce or its content?

7. The packaging gives you a tip of how to make your partner wash the dishes

6. And the price has to be as that of meat

5. We know what it is what you do in the shower actually

4. These fungi russians are suspicious

3. For those who love the wine and the carpets white

2. You know the zen with Skittle’s

1. Leave you two – “six”

Have you ever seen merchandise strange in the shops, something that made you smile? It tell us!

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