23 People that know how to have fun during a workday boring

Working from home or being a freelancer is a dream of many people. But working in an office with people who have a good sense of humor has even greater benefits. Casual banter, a good laugh and jokes in the office to break the pressure and improve your mood like nothing else.

Great.guru found the proof that there are people who know how to brighten up a working day boring and turn it around. Have you ever done any of these things at work?

23. The T-rex finally found a benefit to having small hands.

22. It is not a fat cat, is a cat flat!

21. A Red Bull of high quality.

20. Supplies-human office.

19. Someone is crying for milk closed…

18. How an attempt to make the employees spend less time in the bathroom?

17. When there is only one guy working in the office and called Ben!

16. It’s a great way to start your mornings!

15. Working in a veterinary requires a special sense of humour.

14. Excellent feedback system.

13. It’s just another business meeting in the office.

12. The boys always remain boys.

11. What some institutions spend millions in kits for detection of earthquakes?

10. In this office was asked not to print the “long jobs”, which in English sounds the same as the name of the famous founder of Apple. This was the response of the employees:

9. A surprise for the birthday of our boss.

8. I have so many questions that I don’t know with what to start…

7. Someone has too much free time.

6. A normal day. Jack is at his desk.

Wait a second… oh, Jack is on vacation!

5. Choose with intelligence!

4. When your co-workers are very compassionate:

3. How to keep your partners standing:

2. Colleagues insinuating that someone spends too much time out of the office…

1. In this office chose to spend a Friday different.

How fun is your office? Or do you prefer to work from your home? It tell us in the comments!

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