23 Evidence that the time has no mercy

The time is the best teacher, critic, and healer, but it is also a cynical, hard, and the winner is eternal. Even if you think that you are going to win, just wait and the time will charge what his.

Great.guru gathered 23 photos of amazing things that were touched by the time. But also by the human being.

This buddhist monk has been praying in the same place for more than 20 years

In the early years, Hua Chi praying between two thousand and three thousand times a day! With age, the monk reduced their sentences to one thousand, but up to this amount impresses.

Layers of advertising in a post

The life of a penny

Monument to Juliet in Verona

According to the popular belief, if you rub the breasts of the monument to Juliet in Verona, you’ll be able to find your eternal love. So many were interested in meeting your half-orange, that literally made a hole in the monument. The statue, which lasted from 1972 to 2014 was replaced by a new one, which also looks quite worn.

A glass from Burger King that has been used for 20 years, and a glass of the same, but new

The oxide that has been accumulating in the pipe for 15 years

“When he was born my brother 30 years ago, mom bought two bears are alike. One of them was his favorite toy, the second was saved for his first grandchild, that was born today”

For centuries, people have left their footprints on the Tower of Pisa

A wad of new banknotes and one of old banknotes

Apparently, the middle seat is the least used

The guests of this house, washed his right foot more intesamente the left

This kit lens is so old that looks more like a piece of bacon

This is there since the 1970s. Now teaches the shortest way to the refrigedor

Floor worn near the cashier of the restaurant, which opened in 1924

At some point in its history, New York was illuminated thanks to the operation of a station for coal and the houses were covered with soot. Now the washed

After a year of stirring the sugar in the bottom of the cup is formed a pattern

For the first time in 16 years in this room, always illuminated by the sun, pulled the rug

Lovers of domino are people cruel

The marble floor in this bank old it has worn down under the feet of the customers

The network has left its imprint on the post of volleyball

A brush that has been used for 30 years and an equal, but new

This door has not always been white

And this “monument” is rubbed by the customers of the casino in Las Vegas before entering the establishment. Imagine how many people have done it!

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