24 Letters to Santa Claus from children who are not afraid to express what they think

Christmas is a time of miracles. Children and adults are waiting for gifts. And the small more entrepreneurs to take a pen and a sheet of paper and express their dreams and desires directly to Santa Claus.

Great.guru collected 24 letters, ridiculous and tender that the children wrote to Santa Claus.

24. When you have your dad as a secretary:

“Dear Santa, please, send a message to my dad. He has my complete list. I love you. Kisses”.

23. Bring gifts complete, Santa!

“Dear Santa. Santa, if you bring me a few presents with batteries, bring batteries, ok?”.

22. No! You are not fat! Has gifts in his stomach

“I hope they give you many gifts and Merry Christmas. Oh, and you’re fat.”

21. I also want to!

“I better bring my pony this year. Or there will be consequences.”

20. Chris, we all need to 53 billion dollars

“Dear Santa Claus, forgive me for what I did in the past and thank you for your letter. But what I want for Christmas this year is 53 billion dollars. Please, write me another letter this year. I love you. Your friend, Chris”.

19. ¡Jo, jo! Sarah, you’re a tenderness!

“Dear Santa, I would like some tickets for Taylor Swift. I also like clothes from Nordstrom and a boyfriend! Kisses, Sarah.”

18. What about just a stuffed chicken? Oh Riley, you’re so tender!

“Dear Santa, what I want for Christmas is a stuffed chicken. Riley”.

17. What a personality so versatile!

“Dear Santa, for Christmas I want some walkie-talkies. I would also like a police car, tickets, weapons and the things that need the police. And also a police car of truth. I also want a phone and a computer to play. Also a camera, because I don’t know where is mine. I also want things dinosaur. A few socks and underwear! My sister wants the same things that I!

P.S.: I Need medicine for my cough!

I love you.”

16. It is a brilliant idea!

“Dear Santa, I have a brilliant idea. At Christmas, when you go through all the houses, you could take the weapons and sticking them in your bag and hide them in the North Pole. So no one in the world could come back to kill anyone. Thank you.”

15. Definitely you will not receive a Christmas gift

“Dear Santa, I want you to know that I want a puppy and you’re not living, you’re fat and stupid”.

14. Santa must know technologies…

“Dear Santa, for Christmas this year I want a Droid2GB. A smartphone Verisor. I have been very good. I was placed on the honor roll at school. I love you, kisses. Yvette.
P.S.: Ben has also been good. Please, tráele what he wants”.

13. It is very clear!

12. Is this all? Sophie…

“Dear Santa, I am Sophie. If you know where are my leggings, black, please, write me back and tell me. I love you, Sophie”.

11. The desire most sincere of all the children

“Would you please stop that you see? I know that it is the second time that you ask, but I really want to see you”.

10. Does the King of the North? What”game of thrones”? Hmmm… it’s Not for Santa

“Dear King of the North, I want my boat to work. For now only what I have ’sitting’ in my backyard.”

9. Sounds like a kidnapping…

“Dear Santa, there’s only one thing I want for Christmas. That thing is for you to Leonardo DiCaprio at my house, because I think that is handsome and I like to know about it. If you could do it, I would be very grateful to you. Thank You, Santa”.

8. Yes!

“Dear Santa, I would like a 3D Osi! If it is possible. Can you give Me a second chance and I give? This time I will be more responsible. Mark ’yes’ or ’no’. He explains:”

7. “Mrs. Claus sends you to say ’hello!’”

“Dear Santa, I really do believe in you. How is Mrs. Claus? Well, I’ll go to the grain. I would love a ’Ghetto blaster’, please!”

6. Rodolfo will be sorpendido

“Dear Santa, I’ve never seen a reindeer face to face. Please leave the Rodolfo in front of the entry door. Sincerely, Lilli”.

5. Child of business, Santa does not have AK-47

“Dear Santa, how are you? Well, enough talk. Going with the grain. This year I want to…
1. A huge Lego space.
2. A few jellies with sweets.
3. A jacket and hat shark.
4. An AK-47.
5. Any Nintendo game”.

4. Aww… Thank you for worrying!

“Dear Santa, how are your reindeer? If not you can buy me what I want, don’t worry. Just give me money.”

3. Of course, I capiche!

“Dear Santa Claus, 2 years ago you asked for a doll of Lady Gaga and I brought a baseball. Last year again I asked for a doll of Lady Gaga and I brought a bat of baseball. Once again this year, I ask you for a doll of Lady Gaga. If I see any object related to baseball under the tree, I will have no other option that it catches you like reno ignoramus that you are and break your legs fat. Do youCapiche? Don’t force me to go to your house. Merry Christmas! I love you, Tommy”.

2. Lucy, how old are you?

“Dear Santa, this year please bring me a bank account, a fat and a skinny body. And, please, don’t confuse the two things as you did last year. Thank You, Lucy”.

1. Wow! It is a future hacker!

“Dear Santa, how are you? I’m good. This is what I want for Christmas”.

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