24 everyday Things such as never had seen

Each day around us hundreds of objects that we notice are so common that they seem to us. But sometimes we see things and phenomena of everyday life are very different and do not let us surprise.

Great.guru gathered some things that may seem common, but that amazed the users of the network and share the awesome with you.

24. Snow that only came together at the joints of the bricks in the courtyard

23. A M&M’s long

22. Mcdonald’s with a bow

21. Donuts square

20. Tree without leaves, but with a lot of apples

19. Lettuce is believed a pine tree

18. “Mom made popcorn the world’s smallest”

17. Not only people decorate their homes

16. A chile with ombré

15. A coin lightweight that it does not sink in the water

14. So large are the traffic lights actually

13. Ants on water

12. Snakes also have their childhood

11. Layers of pavement

10. Fanta-flavored watermelon with salt

9. Inside the clam there is a crab, small, half-eaten

8. It is only foam in the eddy of a river

7. A grape in an unusual way

6. Toilet paper black

5. A stream crosses another creek

4. An egg frozen without peel

3. Frost in the morning

2. This is what happens if you put an M&M’s in a bowl of water

1. A kitten curled

What kind of unusual things you have seen or found you?

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