24 Desperate romantics who live among us and make us believe in true love

It seems that in today’s world there is no place for the romantic. Start a relationship can be just as easy to order a pizza, with the help of an application. Perhaps, due to an approach too pragmatic in the search of partner, shows cute love and caring for one another have become, rather, is an exception and not the rule.

Great.guru brings you 25 is clear evidence that the romantic still not have it all lost and in the world of today there are still noble men and beautiful ladies.

This man gave to your couple your running shoes because their shoes they hurt her feet

“The ex of my girlfriend had stolen his PlayStation, so I bought a new console”

“In his childhood, my husband always got colored pencils for Christmas, but for a peculiarity and does not distinguish the colors, and always hated it. This year I gave him the iPhone that he craved. And that is how I had wrapped”

“You only look what a thing more sophisticated, built by my husband for me!”

“My girlfriend came to the party of my birthday dressed up as… me”

“While I was preparing for exams, my guy asked for me cookies”

This man is 92-year-old prepares with his own hands a postcard to his wife of 93

“I met my guy in a park where you can stroll with the dogs loose. Recently, we celebrated our second anniversary… Our and these two furry friends both”

“For the 30° anniversary of wedding, my father dedicated to my mother, a bank in the park that always walk together”

“My wife drank too much at a party, so I prepared for it all-a romantic atmosphere in the bathroom. I lit candles to batteries, I placed a pillow and a blanket next to the toilet. The game is complemented with a rubber band for the hair, a nasal spray and fresh water”

This man fed his girlfriend with nuggets while we were doing the manicure

“I didn’t have a photo of my girlfriend to put it in my locket. I had to draw it”

“My boyfriend gave me a poster with sound waves of his declaration of love.”

On the anniversary of your relationship, this young man gave his boy a collage of the pictures taken during all the time you have been together

“My boy, I always wondered why I maquillaba sitting on the floor. While he was on a journey, prepared for me this preciousness”

“I have a lucky huge”

“My wife always falls asleep watching movies. Today has tried to play it cool. I can not get angry, I love it very much”

Looking at this photo you think that in the world there is still a place for the most romantic

“I same I bought and set up this computer for my kid!”

This guy has found the best way to propose marriage to his girlfriend

These are not “chocolates and bouquets”, but a real romance and a test of love at the highest level

Better than any diamond

“I asked my guy how I go with this top”

This girl did the proposition of marriage more cute to your boyfriend

And what are the acts most romantic you’ve done for your loved ones, or them to you? I share it in the comments!

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