24 Examples of social advertising that gets to the heart

Amazing examples of social advertising reveal the problems of humanity and speak of them with the same efficiency that the scientists in their conferences. The world trusts for the protection of wild nature each year, working with the top advertising agencies and broadcast ads wrenching to get to us.

The team is Great.guru prepared for you a selection of social advertising rather is a work of art to be of vital importance and needed to raise awareness.

What are we doing with our planet?

2 degrees are too

A campaign to increase control over the climate changes.

Some animals are treated like garbage

TIR struggle to perfect the legislation in the field of animal protection.

Share it, because they can’t do it

Unfortunately, animals cannot speak, but if we knew, surely we would have counted. JWT decided to show how animals could share his pain with us if possible.

Not only trees are burned in forest fires

Electric cars. The nature will thank you

We are plunging, sálvennos of global warming

Only news about the animals

In 2006 the company beIN IZ TV created a channel that broadcasts news exclusively about the animals and nature that have nothing to do with politics, sport or fashion. To visualize the ideology of the channel, were cut out scenes of the real life.

Holds the brakes when you don’t do you

The company Mercedes-Benz launched the advertising of a car that controls all the braking system.

The animals are too fragile for human greed

The forest never dies only

The trees and animals are inseparable from each other

The wild nature and the trees need each other. The advertising agency Ogilvy chose a simple solution, making the trees look animals in danger of extinction.

In the family there is always place for more

What Matarías someone by their hair?

The horn of a rhinoceros consists of the same components as human hair, which has no medicinal properties.

What did damage? You received damage

Animals should live free

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