24 Photos where something definitely is not where it should be

The imagination of the creators of the photos can be ruthless. And sometimes it just happens that in one scene they end up objects totally inappropriate.

Great.guru gathered some pictures that have no logic. Just have something that you don’t expect to see.

It is only a car on the balcony of the fourth floor. How they took him there?

Level of player: Expert

How to build a cruise ship on top of a mountain? In South Korea is not something impossible

Right clothes, wrong place

I’m not sure which is more bizarre: the cat in the refrigerator, or the fact that in the refrigerator there is only milk

Here also there is a cat locked up

When you have only one bottle of rum, but many many games

When you purchased the bust of Bob Ross, but your chia seeds do not feel well

When finished the pots clean

Goats on the cliff: how do you think lower?

It is also possible to find them on the roof

The good thing is that, growing up, we had to baths normal, not like this:

Sure, as long as they are not designed by some joker

Leon: “Let’s get out of here, friend, no one will make you harm.”

The ladder world’s most useless

All my neighbors need a piano as well!

A dial great

Ok, but for what?

The best location possible

What lawn mowers to snow?

More questions than answers

It is only a sewer in the middle of the hallway

“This is priceless”

Soon all the trees of families who have cats

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