24 Photos that will convince you that you should not believe in everything you see, your eyes

Sometimes a view any photo and you don’t understand if this is the life the better illusionist or if you have an imagination too crazy, seeing things that are not there.

Great.guru collected some photos where the abyss between “seems” and “in reality” is huge.

Looks like a soul leaving the body

If the broccoli was a tree

It seems that this guy does not need his glove

A hybrid animal

Position of turkey

Naomi Campbell would give everything for having legs so long

I did not know that there were races of pelicans

The reflection in the bowl makes it transparent

Yogurt, peach and apple


If the leave to participate in the Olympics, the other runners will not have any opportunity

Cat who knew the zen

I clearly see a steak to medium term

It is not a crocodile, is only a flying duck

Help! My dog is melting!

How cats see themselves

If my self had Instagram

When your dog decided to beautify your photo even more

My wife is a centaur

No, it is not a ghost is tamed, it is a blanket common. But it’s still scary

What are you?

Can’t look quietly, this cushion

What a flexibility!

I think they are up to something

Which of these photos is the has surprised you most? Share with us your best photos of 2017.

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