24 Photos taken a second before a small disaster

So just imagine that the information is propagated by our nerve endings, with the speed of 3 to 120 meters per second, which is very fast. But even this is not enough sometimes to be able to capture any epic moment on camera.

Great.guru gathered some photos taken a second before the inevitable. Were created nothing more and nothing less, than by the accident itself.

For the blow with the ball of snow are 3… 2… 1!

To which the child has something macabre in the other hand!

“Come with us, it will be fun!”, said.

“By accident we recorded the exact time that I lost my phone”.

The person behind has the face as if he knew how much it costs, the part that falls

Wait, let at least to save my camera!

We would be interested to see what happened a second after

The last hope come out dry… it is lost!

“The companion is ignited hair when I was blowing out candles on his cake. The photo was taken a few seconds before he realized”.

I stop to photograph the food, better share it!

A mysterious flip flop levitating

Since then, the child stopped liking the Harry Potter books

Surely I had breathed on the back all the way!

The last time the gown is still white

Someone will hurt quite

“Take a photo with the past… oh, Noooo!”

3 seconds before the great cleaning

The balance is lost forever

And I thought that since I was not going to pass nothing…

The crocodile still don’t know who got the fish wrong

Nooo, but how the headphones why?

You were so close, friend

I’m going to stop at all costs!

When around happens who-knows-what and you, as always, sales very photogenic

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