24 Children of genius that logic makes no sense nor pity

The children live according to their own laws and rules that are inconceivable to the adults.

Great.guru met the photos of the examples most epic of the logical child. Look at them and tell us which of these small you find the most fun.

These best friends are made hairstyles the same for the teacher to confuse you

My nephews were so excited by their tennis that made their first cover of a rap album

“Gave them a dollar and told them to hold the nose against the wall. The one that wins, stays with both of them. Take three hours as well. My respects”

“My son is unique in the hideout”

You didn’t have a childhood if you never tried to cut your bangs

“My brother and his wife were not able to get a good picture of Easter because my nephew did not want to get out of the way of ninja”

“My nephew of 12 years thought that to open a painting with a hammer was a good idea”

“My 3 year old daughter has a box with a knife, a gun and cash. What should I be worried?”

“My 3 year old nephew created a superhero again, and gave it the name ” Man Cake”

“My nephew of 8 years old he saw snow for the first time and went outside to play. What I found as well”

“My 11 year old son started drawing Batman’s old and fat on the beach. Perhaps this is what makes us so much missing to all”

“My son is 4, he found permanent markers and is extremely proud of that now is Darth Maul”

“Our son of 8 years woke up early to prepare the lunch for us at work.”

“My 6 year old son ’fled’ home, but we tell her what we wanted and that he could return if I needed something. He returned for the cat, and it was again”

“I’m 100% in agreement with him! Well said, friend!”

“My friend just wanted to take a pretty picture of your daughter”

“This guy on the skateboard with a blower is my hero”

This guy is not going with the flow, it creates its own rules

“My sister had her second son and my niece became so angry that he gathered all his things and he wanted to leave the house”

“My niece tried to eat my palette of shadows for the eyes with the scent of chocolate”

“My daughter began to cry when I told him that we couldn’t carry that tree”

“The picture in the album of graduation of my nephew”

“My sister of 4 years broke a dollar in pieces, because it does not fit in the hole of your piggy bank”

When you are surrounded by pure princesses, you realize that the world needs Batman

What are some examples of the logical child have you seen you? I share it in the comments!

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