24 People in whose relationships the humor plays the main role

Laughter is medicine for the soul, not only distracts from bad thoughts, but it also helps to overcome the difficulties. And it seems that the 24 pairs of our article have decided to convert this popular wisdom in their family motto.

Great.guru has collected for you photos of people who contribute to your relationship a large dose of humor.

Ronnie, of Jersey Shore, decided to do a photo shoot of pregnancy with his girlfriend, and this was the result

When you use any excuse to rest

“- Baby, where are you?
— Baby
“Silence, she is asleep, brother.”

The main thing in family life is the honesty

“The other day I showed Reddit to my girlfriend. I think I lost it”

“When your wife offers to do a family picture, and you end up behind the camera”

“One day, my wife asked me to take a photo as if you would like to break the rules, now we take these photos everywhere”

When your wife wakes up before, but don’t want to leave alone in the bed and not notes the replacement immediately

“I asked my wife that I levelled the hair at the nape of the neck, and she faced the process creatively”

When you fight with your wife and you are still offended, but still want to console her

Show your superiority, dominates, oppresses

When the girl came to the romantic dinner, and were already in plan quotes

“With two children in the kindergarten and all the accounts payable, I thought I would get underwear and socks for my birthday. But my girlfriend managed to buy all of this in parts, starting on Christmas! I was in shock”

When you find the perfect postcard for your beloved

“When they cut the Internet
I will go to see you!”

“My girlfriend made me some biscuits tender for a celebration”

“My wife wanted a cat, I don’t. Guess on whom they sleep with always these hairy”

“I sent my girlfriend to pick up the dog from the dog-grooming salon, and I found it as well”

“My girlfriend made a mount for my lamp in the form of a sword of light in a 3D printer using the logo of my computer game about Jedis favorite”

“Recently, I told my girlfriend that he will not propose marriage until she saw all the movies of Star Wars. Today released this photo”

“Watching Star Wars in order to commit”.

“My wife gave me some socks Superman with mini layers, which I now use in secret in the work”

“My wife taught our dog to sleep as she does”

“My girlfriend gave me a figure of collection of Dr. Strange for Christmas, a great way to insinuate that I’m a big boy”

“My girlfriend made for me this sandwich. I think it hates me”

“The girlfriend of my friend decided to organize a birthday truly magical”

“My girl and me we like to make jealous to my girlfriend”

“I’m already sick of this crap”.

What will help you keep the peace in a relationship? Share your secrets of family happiness in the comments.

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