24 Evidence that the children know how to dream as anyone else

Everyone in the childhood had a dream. Some dreamed of a Transformer, a doll, or a Lego new, while others wanted peace in the world.

In Great.guru we are confident that the wishes of the children are sacred. We want to share with you a few stories that awaken in us the feelings more clear and pleasant.

24. This child was waiting for a week the garbage truck to show employees your toy truck

23. This child of Syria wants to learn to fly to invite children from all over the world to play with him and drink tea

22. This autistic boy was sad because he closed his store to rent movies, so that his parents built for him an equal in your house

21. “The doctors let my son destroy the room where he had his course of chemotherapy: long ago that he had not seen a smile so happy ” in her face”

20. Mom helps the children to make their dream a reality: to finish the “Super Mario”

19. This 17-year old mexican graduated with perfect scores of the school and was invited to 18 universities. His parents and his 2 brothers believed in his dream and supported him as they could, which was not easy to achieve in your department a single room

18. The girl drew the dress of your dreams and the grandmother decided to sew it

17. The dream of the young French woman driving a forecast of weather it was supported by more than 200 thousand people and there is in the tv

16. She came out of hospital after 9 months of treatment

15. “The girl wanted to choose the clothes for your first photo school. Dad supported her choice”

14. “My daughter dreamed of being able to read a thousand books before they go to kindergarten. Today was able to do so, this medal verifies it”

13. “My son took him to Legoland your Nintendo and invited the children who had no video game consoles in their homes to play with him”

12. “A stranger left these swords and the note in front of my house. How did he know that the children have long wanted to be a jedi?”

11. These guys are still true to their childhood dreams

10. When you’re still making reality the dream of your childhood: this girl is disguised as Beautiful in the holidays

9. The parents decided to fulfill the dream of his daughter and make a family portrait magic

8. “The girl dreamed of to know the fish. She promised to return it to the river after hugging him”

7. When, since childhood, to know what it is that you want to be

6. A big dream for a little person small

5. “It turns out that my son, who is recovering from an illness, he just needed a juguito to be happy”

4. “My son nor I suspected that today we decided to make your dream a reality: to have a dog.”

3. This father did for his blind daughter to an egg that “catches”: the girl had always dreamed of to participate in this festival

2. “My daughter dreams of being Batman, so I gave him this costume and my friend, a doll that looks like her”

1. Also Liev Schreiber decided to make reality the dream of his son and took him to Comic con dressed as Harley Quinn

Bonus: sometimes you don’t need to be a child to dream and get excited when your dreams are fulfilled

We hope that you have got nostalgic, because we want us to share your childhood dreams in the comments.

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