24 Reasons to have a sausage dog and regret for not having done so before

“No one is perfect, but with a sausage dog you aproximarás to perfection”, says one of the clubs of breeders older dogs of the breed teckel in Germany. And this is not said by chance: he also called the dachshund is a true motivator of short legs. This kid always keeps the tail up, trust your instincts and moves relentlessly toward its goal, without forgetting along the way to put in “on” mode all of its charm.

Great.guru brings to you today with this article 24 dogs sausage, nothing more to see them, you will the urge to say: “Teckel, I know my best friend”

These dogs will soften even the hardest of hearts

Not going to whine in vain, but that iran and take what they consider theirs

When the assertiveness seems to be inappropriate, they turn to their secret weapon: a penetrating look

They will watch you to follow your diet strictly

The dachshunds never refuse to serve as a support to his master

And even if they are not large, they are able to take care of your dream

Whatever it is that is threatening, stay calm: these dogs are always protecting your safety

An airbag attentive always warns you of a cat to the left

You don’t have to convince your family members remove the weeds in your garden

The healing power of their legs paliará any headache, it will restore calm and put joy in your life

Share your hobbies

Dandy, is your second name

Even taking a shower, they prefer to look irresistible

With these eyes, whoever ends up being what they want

What a smile? Without any problem, at all

They know that a good photo is always the fruit of an improvisation

When the rescue of the masters, endless photo ops and the work in the garden or the depleted completely, they are allowed the luxury of being too lazy

These dogs understand how to do a interior design

And friendship

They love to do stupid…

The cold and the currents will not be so terrible if you have a dachshund, by your side

Don’t like the fights, and yes the hugs

Hugs, always and everywhere

And even a lion fierce melts for your care and attention

We wonder how you feel when you see these fearless and fun dogs. Maybe, do you already have this “peluchín” short-legged? Tell us your impressions.

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