25 Adults who were alone face to face with a child

Some parents have a special affection for children. Expressions of affection can go from genius to folly, going for the sarcasm, but always getting the goose bumps of so much tenderness.

Great.guru collected for you parents most extraordinary and prepared you a small bonus at the end. Enjoy the article and compártenos your opinion in the comments.

“My uncle without children are asked to take care of their nieces and nephews,”

“I have punished my brother after I send you the photo where he is fishing with my daughter”

“Could not find the parents of this small, I had to enclose with dinosaurs until I found”

When the parents are already fed up with the ponies and the princesses

“When looking at old photos I realized that my mom and dad were not worried about me”

“This is our father ignoring in the decade of the ’80s”

Dominates, directs, and let’s go

“My daughter begged me to buy him a horse, which was not to save money nor to deny everything, but now the day has come”

“My parents say that they want us all equally, but it is hard to believe”

“This is a birthday gift that surely will never forget”

In the bank the children are ready to your way to adulthood

You have a chance to guess who it is that arm

“I didn’t know my husband had this suit up to this time”

“Today my daughter is going for the first time at your new school”

When you work with my dad in the same building

“A baby just gave this to me during the flight”

When my daughter first went to the disco

“I let my son doing homework with his grandfather. I don’t know if get angry for this or praise him for it”

“We are not parents loose, we are resourceful”

“My daughter drew the dress of your dreams, and your grandmother is sewed”

“I have a daughter and that’s why I’m always perfect”

“My dad knows how to motivate”

“What is more likely is that you need to speak with my daughter, but I don’t know where to start”

When the photos of the album of the graduate were made by dad and not mom

Bonus: a father photoshoper scares the grandparents with pictures of your granddaughter

Steven Crowley has 32 years old, is the father of the baby half a year of Hannah, which has a rare autoimmune disease that requires a bone marrow transplant and chemotherapy. The baby spent six months of his life in hospital after treatment until his condition improved. Now dad wants to make up for lost time and take lots of photos of his chronicles. Each one of them is a masterpiece.

These amazing photos are not only scare his family, but also to entertain the users of Instagram, but also attract the attention of people who owns is disease and call for bone marrow donors.

It seems that this guy intends to win the nomination for the best “Father of the year”. And who do you think should win the prize opposite?

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