25 Cars unusual that you will love even the people who don’t understand anything of cars

The creativity of some car owners do not know limits. These vehicles were created to amuse anyone who sees them.

Great.guru gathered together the best examples of the decoration of vehicles.

When you are very glamorous

It seems that you came in without wanting to to a toy shop

Cuddly and hairy

The police also have the right to luxury

My precious

The good thing is that no one can steal

It’s a very, very strange

The question is: how do you handle it?

No, it is not flipped from head to toe

The owner himself who loves jokes

The car is waiting for you

It is a very hard

As is

True, why to spend on changing the headlight?

Simply perfect

The giant lobsters attack

As if it were a UFO on wheels

I wonder: do you have a dial tone instead of alarm?

It seems that she is tired

This really is a madness

Pikachu, I choose you

Who wants to take a ride on a banana?

It has to be very slow

A victory green

The car that I drew when I was a child there

It seems as if it had been chopped a few wasps

It is a veradera coffee machine

When you have an airbrush, very realistic in your self

Rims chrome

Which of these cars is the one that you liked the most?

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