25 Things you won’t see on any other side more than in these photos

At the time that the information can be achieved in a couple of clicks it is difficult to believe that there is something we have not yet seen. But in the world there are many amazing things that are hard to photograph.

Great.guru did for you a collection of images of all parts of the world, in which you will see rare phenomena and amazing.

Have you ever had seen the heart of a whale?

An egg of a shark in the rays of light that pass through the water

So you see a strong storm from 37 thousand feet above sea level

A breeding of fish sword

After the launch of a rocket

The tallest palm-tree of the world. It is hard to believe that is real

An iceberg amazing in Greenland

Lizard armadillo

A rainbow bloody

Lightning during a volcanic explosion

Fungi that resemble flames

A breeding of the mollusc argonaute

View the solar eclipse from a plane

The plastron of a turtle covered with mold

A chameleon of colors

The end of the Great Wall of China

A lion mountain in the snow-capped trees

The small black dot in the left part of the picture is Mercury, with the Sun in background

The eye of a spider under a microscope

A dense fog that it looks more like sea waves

An obelisk is incredibly beautiful

Trachyandra: an indoor plant with curled leaves that resemble tentacles

The theatre behind the stage

A jellyfish the size of a human

A white bat

What is the most surprising thing you’ve seen? Please share your stories in the comments!

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