25 Data on primates that show that Darwin was right

The world of the apes is filled with great mysteries that the man always tries to unravel. Are the mammals which aroused a genuine interest among the naturalists, since they are considered man’s closest relatives. It should be noted that each year, scientists discover up to 10 new species of primates, so that we still have many interesting things to learn about these amazing animals.

In Great.guru we collect for you a selection of data, findings and opinions of scientists that reveal the mystery secret that separates man from the animal world.

Primates are born in the same way that the human

Recently, a group of japanese scientists discovered that the birth of the babies of the monkeys is similar to that of a human being. The young chimps appear from the birth canal with its face opposite to the mother and not looking toward her. Before it was believed that this posture of the birth had been developed by the ancestors of man in his process of evolution. By the way, very often, the role of the obstetrician is played by the male.

  • Pregnancy in primates lasts between 8 and 9 months.
  • 59-year-old is living the female chimpanzee Breast. Today, she holds the record, as far as life expectancy is concerned, between the world of the great apes.

They are social animals

Chimpanzees, as well as similar species of animals mammals, they prefer to live in society. Your hobby in a group reminds us of our family life, where the elders take care of the little ones, some are looking for and they bring the food and others are devoted to parenting. But at the same time, in their society, there are also murderers and there is violence between the same of their species.

  • The next of kin or the best “friends” of the female deceased, care for the orphan babies.
  • The monkeys contemporaries have 32 teeth, just like a human being.

The “autoadmiración”: his main hobby

Chimpanzees are one of the few animals that recognize themselves, looking in the mirror. And this explains the longing of this species for the narcissism: the greater part of the time primates spend embelleciéndose.

  • Chimpanzees and gorillas are the animal world’s most intelligent, contrary to popular belief about the intellectual abilities of dolphins.
  • The gorilla Koko understands the meaning of two thousand English words. Your level of iq is 95. These data correspond to the statistical level, on average, of the human intellect.

Chimpanzee: the closest relative of humans

Each year, scientists carried out various investigations, under the premise of learning about the similarity between chimpanzees and humans. Recent results have revealed that the similarity absolute between the DNA of both is less than 90 percent, although according to the first study, such similarity was 95 percent.

Understand more about the comfort than you can imagine

The majority of the primate flash in your environment to make your life more easy and comfortable. For example, chimpanzees clean their ears and nails with simple paper or large sheets, rolled up in thin tubes. They are also able to create tools for everyday life: can make a system that allows them to grind nuts or make a spear autoafilada to hunt.

To give birth to twins or triplets is very strange

As in humans, most primates give birth to a single little one. This responds to the fact that infants are absolutely dependent for several months, therefore, can survive only under the close supervision of both parents or of a social group. It should be noted that the period of the infancy of these animals ranges in about 4 years and the best mothers are the female gorillas.

  • The apes more high and strong are the gorillas. The average height of the males fluctuates around 170 centimeters.
  • Primates smaller are the “monkeys out of pocket” or pygmy marmoset. Its height is only 12 centimeters, as much as 18.

The monkeys, by their nature, lack the ability to speak

A person, at present, not be able to verbally communicate with a monkey. At least, in the next million years. This is due to the absence of a center of speech in the primate brain. Therefore, all the attempts of the human by teaching them to talk is proving useless.

  • The males of the chimpanzee are prone to baldness.
  • During the entire conquest of outer space by humans, have been sent there to 32 monkeys.

These animals know how to joke

The majority of the primates communicate with each other with gestures and sounds, and also know how to joke! For example, the gorilla Koko became one of the few primates that learned to communicate with a person. The scientists were witnesses of it, by using gestures, called herself a bird, and, to the objections of these, Koko responded gestualmente claiming that they did not understand their jokes. It is not known how much reliable is this information.

  • The monkeys are prone to bad habits: you can enjoy drinking alcohol or smoking.
  • Some types of primates, as is the case with the dolphins, have sex for simple pleasure and not with the objective of achieving offspring.

The chimpanzee is a lover of the beauties of mother nature

These animals appreciate the beauty of nature. You can see the sunset for hours and even admire works of art.

Bonus: the gorilla Koko knows about kittens

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