25 Designs that totally changed our perception of some everyday things

Whenever they can, the designers invented a lot of interesting things from common items and currents. Because it is always great when what you use every day, is both beautiful and useful.

Great.guru selected for you 25 examples in which the designers pulled out all the stops and created things that look like works of art, but remain practical.

Portalibros that you do not impede the reading

Lamp that mimics wood in flames

The use of Lego in a bucket of Rubik’s cube special for the blind

A bookcase in the stairs

A table with a planter box inside

Pictures for the notes in the form of slices of sausage

Lamp that seems to be hidden under the wallpaper

The shower that you spray all sides

Rings that together make up a lazy

A hamburger armada of muffins in the shape of Lego pieces

A stapler that puts the date that you choose in the document

Support for a cup of coffee with their mini mounts for the cream

A whisk, in addition to its primary function, separating the whites from the yolks

The window that is displayed in a mini balcony for one person

This USB memory shows how much free space you have left

An armchair in the form of a tree with soft cushions on its “branches”

It seems as if the water is dripping from the tip of the tail of this dragon

Covered with a smooth lines

Dryer towel in the form of a branch

The staircase is also a bookcase

Guitar that plays the chords alone

Suitcase that turns into a mini wardrobe. An indispensable thing in travel

The armchair is more comfortable

A game of vessels that imitates a cactus

A chair disc made of 200 meters of wire luminescent. Becomes a rainbow of neon at a click of a switch

What kind of ideas beautiful and useful designer you’ve found recently? Please share your stories and photos in the comments!

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