25 Evidence that the japanese know a lot about inventions great

What do you associate with Japan? It is a country of contrasts, where the pristine nature combined with advanced technologies. For example, in 1995, they published a book “japanese Inventions useless” it was a monopod that ended up being very popular in the modern world. Of course, the majority of people who don’t know the daily life of this asian country may seem strange to many of the japanese inventions. But the fact is that they know how to do things that they are going to serve.

The wording of Great.guru has compiled for you a selection of the inventions most unusual from this wonderful country.

There are No garbage cans because the smell of tobacco do not like the neighbors. And if one is to smoke in a public place, a police officer, helpful will offer a dumpster.

But there are chocolates with “cosmic”. It’s worth eating them!

In the elevators of Osaka you can find an icon of an umbrella. Lights when it rains.

Even the hatches of sewer in the country of the cherry trees have their own style

In Japan, there is a zoo in which anyone can give a paw to the otter through a special hole

Here you can see the drone japanese and this is the sweetest thing that people have sent into space. Today it flies on the ISS taking pictures of the astronauts on board, and of the world around them.

And this is just a plane painted with images of Pokémon. To them the japanese have a special interest.

Have a transport for moving very comfortable. It opens not only standard, but also on the lateral side, so that it is much more convenient to load the furniture.

The cabins in the bathrooms for women are equipped with special devices that create an artificial sound nice. It is because the japanese are very shy.

A collection of popular famous japanese designer Junya Watanabe. It turns out that not only we like to wear clothing with words and phrases in a foreign language (for example, the phrases are in Russian).

When umbrellas are wet appear hidden images. How cool is that?

These studs are installed on the sidewalks to deter bicyclists going too fast

This exoskeleton is the development of japanese scientists. Thanks to the “muscles of steel”, the human body acquires a more physical force. The price starts at 5 thousand USD.

Don’t be surprised, but this is a pump for bathroom style Pokébola. The inside contains a little surprise: a pokemon toy.

Almost all chewing gum in Japan are sold with napkins special for that one can put the used product in your pocket or bag. The japanese throw in the trash at home alone.

They are simply comfortable chairs for the players of video games hardcore

Fruits and vegetables design. Very unusual and, what is more important is that they are edible.

The future is now. The japanese thought this way and then created a fridge that goes towards the owner when called.

In local stores you can find stands with special advertising that recommends to men to shave the legs

Balconies in the form of cups. The architecture is unusual in this country always makes you admire.

This aquarium, with goldfish, at the same time is phone booth is one of the many attractions of Kyoto

Due to the anime, the hand-written letters are still popular here. The more lazy you can use the machines that generate love letters that appear to be hand written.

This “parking lot” for umbrella where each one can take any umbrella or bring your own. Everything is absolutely free.

Bumper smiling for the car Suzuki Twin. The cartoon “Cars” in real life.

Finally, if you want to take a photo as a souvenir, keep in mind that most of the cabins photo local by default going to edit your eyes to make them larger

What japanese inventions in this collection you surprised most? Please share your opinion in the comments!

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