25 Photos that will move even those who have a heart of stone

Sometimes, by being immersed in our own problems and vanities we forget that right in front of us there are a million reasons big and small, to love this world despite everything.

Great.guru has collected for you 25 reasons to smile right now.

“My cousin, let your hair grow for two years to donate it to children suffering from cancer”

This man dedicated his life to pick up old dogs from the shelter that no one wanted to adopt into your family

“We rise by lifting others”

“My younger brother and his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day”

“My grandmother received a spinner for his 85th birthday and just look at that happy is”

“If you think that I hired a professional photographer specifically for a photo session with our new puppy, then you have all the reason”

“I bought a mini laptop for our dog, for that apparent help to the family”

“What we were looking for a whole hour”

“Working as a surgeon, veterinary, and today I have a helper meow”

Not only cats and dogs can exploit the level of tenderness

“I lost my license and had already requested a new one, when I received a letter from a network of restaurants of burgers with my documents and a certificate of gift”

“Oh, Dear Gabriella! We hope that this document you have found. We want to thank you for the visit to our establishment and we hope that you come back soon.”

“Our dog is so small, it fits in between the spaces of the fence. Therefore, we put this ’suit of shame’ every time that we make your needs to the courtyard”

“When I’m sad, I remember how the presenter of my favorite show of the children received a letter from a blind girl, who knew he had a fish and was worried if he would give her enough to eat. Since then, Mr. Rogers ended his programme with the words ’I Am feeding my fish’ especially for this girl”

“Today is the day of my birthday, and my grandfather gave me three diaries full of stories of every one of our meetings when I was 2 to 5 years. I don’t have words”

A police of Denmark plays with a little girl that is on its way from Syria to Sweden in search of shelter

This guy helped an elderly woman with her shopping. It is a small action, but kind

“Our cow was feeling bad, and my son went to visit her. Today in the morning I found myself with this”

“A veteran of 98 years of the Second World War he was conscripted into the army when I was studying in the final year of high school. Today, finally, I graduated”

“An old man made the first move and patiently waited for someone to join the game. An unexpected opponent made him company, and this touched my heart”

This lady received a card of congratulations on their 100 years of part of the Queen of England and allowed the mailman to take a picture with the condition that all would see it

“I lost my bag with my purchases in a street in Osaka, after I found it as it was under a tree,”

As you have to see a perfect shelter for animals: “wait A month great at our shelter! It is empty! Adopted to all”

“When I was two years old, I gave my dad my whale stuffed so that I will be missed when he was at work. Have passed 18 years old and my dad I confessed, still carrying my teddy with you”

One day, this reindeer was found at the foot of a doe that had been hit mortally, and we took it home. Now he believes he is a dog

When no one came to the birthday of this guy, Internet users, and the idol of your favorite series might make you feel better and give you encouragement

“¡¡¡What!!! Oh, well, you can say that the production team of ‘Stranger things’, it would have come without a doubt! I think that you’re cool and the next year I would like to receive an invitation… please!”

When the young fan of the series Stranger Things invited to her birthday theme to their classmates, no one came. The sister of Aaron shared this sad story on Twitter and, unexpectedly, the tweet spread through the Internet, and thousands of people began to congratulate the birthday boy. Among all of them could make you feel better about the guy, but it was also the fan more happy, as the protagonist of the series, Millie Bobby Brown, he wrote to Aaron that you will love to come to your birthday next year.

How about you lately, you have faced something that has given you encouragement and you’ve returned to your faith in the goodness?

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