25 Photos of “before and after” that are difficult to stop looking at

Every one who sees the changes in his own way: some notice how they have changed the computers in 58 years, others share your progress in the drawing in 10 years. And there are also those who repeated a family photo decades later. But all of these images are equally as interesting to see.

Great.guru compiled for you a few examples of unusual pictures of “before and after” that may surprise you.

An artist made a bust of Ronaldo, and then decided that I should try again

“Can I be calm that I have not changed my baby in the hospital: 3 weeks before delivery and 3 weeks after

This is what can make a good make-up artist with a girl tender

Not only cities grow, the rivers also

Self-portrait of an artist at 13 and at 23 years of age

The wonders of nature: a braméido before and after the metamorphosis

The love that transforms

In 13 years, from nothing to hyper-realism

The Berlin wall before it seemed eternal

This monument was changed because it was “too ugly”

This soldier he saved in the war to a puppy and so he got his friend more faithful

Modern medicine now allows to reconstruct faces

Up to an entire lake may disappear at any time

This girl beat the cancer, and it looks 10 years later

A trunk that became Gandalf

After the injury, this guy had to re-learn how to draw, and this is its progress

“The War of the Galaxies” is always great

The best of the family photos old is the possibility of repeating them

This is what the industry can do with nature

A participant of the battle of the bog-side (Derry, Ireland) took a photo in the same place

Have you ever seen an alpaca a hair-cut?

Checkmate, is not the fault of the phones

Before and after you apply a base for makeup

When you grew up a little

58 years of progress

Bonus: a cat before and after a visit to the veterinary clinic

Do you also have interesting photos of “before and after” that you would like to share in the comments?

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