25 Photos of people on the happiest day of your life

Happiness is a thing elusive. But the protagonists of these pictures had double luck, because your happiness could be photographed and immortalized forever.

Great.guru invites you to take a look at the simple things and kind that can make us truly happy. And the money has nothing to do here.

25. This is the paradise of cats

24. “Two months after a complex fracture of both ankles, multiple surgeries and rehabilitation, able to stand on my feet again oh it is a happiness on a global scale!”.

23. The happy moments of a dirty job

22. 16 days after a tornado, this girl found her cat alive

21. This girl is truly happy because finally cured the skin

20. “When leaving the hospital after treatment, I discovered that all my friends came to meet me. It was one of the best days of my life.”

19. “I was worried if my dog would accept a kitten or not. But just watch your happiness!”

18. “My husband just returned from his last mission in Iraq”

17. “For a cat is happy, you only need the cardboard roll of the toilet paper”

16. “Today were born my twins”

15. “I said yes!”

14. “Finally, we have adopted these children!”

13. “My height is 190 cm and today for the first time I touched a plane seat where I can stretch the peirnas”.

12. “I’m meeting my long-awaited with my father”

11. “Mom is home after 16 years of solitude”

10. “20 years, finally I fulfilled my dream and went to the musical school”

9. “We went to choose a puppy for my sister. Look at how you see pure happiness”.

8. “’I promise to love you in sickness and in health. Above all, in the disease, because it was you whom I caught the flu a week before the wedding, that is why I am speaking with the voice of an old man of 90 years’, it is for this reason that my husband is dying of laughter!”.

7. “Many years later, my grandfather met with his fellow army”

6. “This is how it looks to go for the first time in 6 long years at sea”

5. “Mom and I attended a master class of drawing. We had a good time, so long ago that I felt not so happy”.

4. “After working taxi driver, instructor of parachute and an instructor of flight, finally I managed to fulfill my dream and I became the pilot of the Airbus A320”.

3. This guy just see the snow for the first time in his life

2. “His 92 years my grandmother was the maid of honor most beautiful wedding. The happiest day of my life”.

1. “Today my little beat the cancer!”

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