25 Photos where the main action happens in the background

They say that big is seen from a distance and on many occasions let it go unnoticed.

Great.guru found 25 photos that will shine with new colors if you look at what happens in the background.

Not all had the best night of their lives

The child back knows what it is to love yourself

“I’m not even sure if you would know”

“When you’re not the only one who decided to propose marriage so original”

“A friend went to a wedding and that swan spent the whole night watching it”

“My friend by accident interrupted an intimate moment between Kanye and Kim a few years ago”

Elmo is simply devastated

Envy in its purest manifestation

“My friend just caught a bouquet at a wedding. In the background is her boyfriend”

When you only want to hold the Tower of Pisa, but did you find something better

The woman in the background still does not know that a second after will be in the water

Everyone loves kittens

That guy in the back is plotting something bad

No hippopotamus could spoil a marriage proposal, much less if it is so tender

Apparently, the guy behind you can’t believe that you finally bought food

“I don’t know what gives me a laugh: the girl that looks like she is crying in the car, the ostrich or the llama in the mirror”

This beluga looks like that is the creature more serious in this wedding!

If you wanted to take a selfie with your friend, but an old grandma ruins everything

After alcohol, the frog turned into a princess, not the other way around

You can’t be too old for a photo in bikini

I don’t understand what happens here

I think that someone does not like a lot of pictures taken

Benedict Cumberbatch continues to put in his paper

Oh, that sausage! Oh, that look!

One more fun than another

Do you have fun photos like these? I share them in the comments, let’s laugh together!

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