25 Photos that show how much you can change the world around

It’s amazing how much things can change, people and the world around us! It is difficult even to imagine that at some point things were different.

Great.guru joined some impressive examples of “before” and “after” that will surely make you feel how fast is passing the time.

Between these photos only have passed 4 months

Before and after: the boy who beat cancer

This building turned out to be a lighter color of what they all believed

“My friend was traveling from Mexico to Canada. These are his before and after photos”.

A lighthouse before and after a winter storm

10 years after

A butterfly, before and after a metamorphosis

So I saw this street before and after the fire in California

The traveler Christoph Rihage in a year he walked from Beijing to Urumchi. So changed during your hike

“It’s only been 10 months”

“The difference between these two pictures is 6 months. San Paulo, Brazil”

“My sister before and after to lose 76 kilos”

This is how a simple fog can change a whole street

Before and after the Berlin Wall

“My old English sheepdog before and after a cut hair”

Change of seasons

This is how the Aral Sea is gradually disappearing from the face of the Earth

New York city in 1982 and 2015

“The pictures of my Maine Coon with a difference of 7 months”

Before and after the first day of school

“After 5 hours of work”

Abraham Lincoln before and after the Civil War in the U.S.

“My girlfriend came to visit me”

A good winter

Do you and your pet grow as fast?

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