25 Photos that prove that in this world you can be what is

The world does not stop to amaze us with his crazy antics and Great.guru once again we decided to share with our readers some photos that leave a lot of questions, but surprise and lifted the spirits.

At the end of the article you expect a bonus in the form of a trend at christmas. Maybe inspire you to surprise your colleagues at a corporate party.

1. Hello!

2. “That feeling as if you were in a video game”

3. A tree in a fish shop

4. Something went wrong

5. Known to Patrick. Patrick is a wombat

6. Nature will always find a place, even in the big cities

7. It is a test more

8. The person who caught the crab that held in a clamp, two shrimp, and in another, another crab smaller and two fish, he should play in the casino

9. Apparently, this goat is already used to go to the shops, nothing surprising

10. Something is wrong with the child

11. And with these icicles also

12. A flash of lightning struck right in the horn

13. And here the lightning struck the tree and for 5 days I was burning up inside

14. So you can see the lenses with 22 degrees below zero

15. And so you see the glue frozen

16. C: Camouflage

17. A toilet lit

18. One egg of emu in a supermarket. And how do you surprise the supermarkets of your city?

19. The water froze in the shape of a bottle. Must be the signal that it is time to start getting ready for the holidays

20. A knife from the restaurant that has been honed from many years ago

21. Everything is covered with snow, but even so, the christmas decorations are still shining bright. So looks even better

22. Is the trunk of a tree more beautiful than you could have guessed

23. Someone found a good use for “Lego”

24. “Now the snakes give me even more afraid”

25. I would have liked to see the ladder

Bonus: eyebrows christmas

What has surprised you most this year? I share it in the comments!

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