25 Photos that cut you the breath

Have you ever felt that just looking at a photo you accelerates the heart, you hands sweat, and your head is spinning? Isn’t it?

Then look at these 25 photos are that Great.guru has put together for you, but hold on tight to not fall off!

A photo accidental

The Yukon river at the border between Canada and the U.S.

“I combined 5 pictures of my drone to get this picture of awesome”

In this photo, taken from a plane, Chicago is reflected in the side of Michigan

“I was lucky to photograph the Milky Way and the coast of Brennecke with the light of the headlights of my car,”

Seattle in flames

The Superluna, December 3, 2017. This means that the full moon and lunar perigee coincided only for a couple of days.

1.400 meters above the Ground

New York city is reflected in a skyscraper

Odyssey cosmic

A ladder is truly dizzying

Dubai looms above the clouds

The blue Mountain range at night, Virginia, USA

“The camera began to fail when we were moving away from the pier”

Solar Eclipse, photographed with an infrared camera

A owner of the house enabled the sprinklers before leaving Kansas in flames. Their house and land, after the incencio, they look like this:

When you can look at the earth under any angle

This guy chose the ironing end. What about you how you solve your domestic problems?

Summer in a park in california on the U.S.

I managed to photograph a bomber in front of the sun

The screw in the crack of the pavement looks as if it had fallen from a height huge

View of Piatigorsk from the top of the mountain Mashuk, Russia

“Rain several miles away from my house”

Only are chilies drying in the sun in the mountains of Argentina

Husky walking on a frozen lake in Russia, just after the rain

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