25 Photos taken right after the question “What the hell is happening here?”

Any person holds some irrational fears: fear of the strange, the unknown or dangerous. Sometimes, the illusions terrifying are created by nature itself, other times it is just our own imagination, which puts us to the test with games to spooky.

Great.guru gathered for you 25 images which will put you goosebumps. Get ready, here we go!

No, this is not the arrival of some monsters from another planet, is simply the fungus basidiomycete “Clathrus Archeri”, also known as the Fingers of the Devil

The most daring way to take a picture with Venice background

On the wall there were so many bees that their honey began to leak by the plug

Fire storm: a show as beautiful as dangerous

Sometimes, the nature itself creates legends about the spirits of water

They wanted to make the font color pink to support the fight against breast cancer, but it ended up resembling more of a horror movie

Caution: circular saws and flying by the road

The monster of your nightmares can come to dwell in your house if you are not calculating lighting

Yes, it is a living being! I present you the thief of palm trees, alias crab coconut

Solidified Lava that seems to open the gates of the underworld

The feeling that the sky is about to fall to the ground

It seems that this shark bocanegra will only need to talk with a human voice

The tree, which was a bolt of lightning, caught fire the next day

In the Amazon, the kittens feral are very special

Clouds can be beautiful and very terrifying

What do you, you dare?

“One day, a passenger asked me why I was so afraid of the clouds. I replied: Because they are usually concealed rocks”.

Nice and crazy at the same time

Good evening, friends, climbers

A photo in which the stomach will shrink like a fist

The sun set below the clouds, love as much as it scares

The height respects the most daring

So, they start forest fires

“My daughter grows and it seems that nothing scares you”

The sperm whales sleep vertically

And what is it that scares you most to you? Do you fight against your fears or do you prefer to stay away from them for safety?

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