25 Photos taken a second before a small disaster

Life is full of surprises, and with the advent of cameras some memories stay with us forever. When we are the directors of the scene, no problem, but what happens when life itself takes the camera in his hands? The answer is simple: there are photos of the type “one second before…”

Great.guru gathered for you some photos in which the main characters suffered quite a few seconds after.

It is precisely the case in the cork of the champagne pointed to the area’s most terrible: let the eye!

How will there be avenged the girl of this friend clumsy?

Apparently, this catapult works

They have a landing comfortable the two

Confused a little the head and the ball, we all passed

What is important is that the water is at a pleasant temperature

In this photo everything is beautiful

When not did you figure your speed

I hope you learn the lesson: do not shake the soda

To the deafening scream missing 3… 2… 1…

The future boxing champion

Surely all the world is wondering how well you will be tied to the car

That is why you need the handrails at each pier

When the rugby’s not your sport

When your customer is not happy with the photo

The volcano also decided to pose a little

Water, I believe that confundiste something, you should be down

A second more and just the cream on its whiskers to remind you that there was a cake

This lady is not scared with anything

The law of the jungle in action


For the big “Boom!” against the mud missing fractions of a second

This photo was taken a second before the boy broke the goal camera with his toy gun

It looks like they are celebrating a coronation with water

Surely this child is imagined different the theme of winter

We hope that the adventures of these guys have ended well. Do you have past similar situations to yourself or to your friends?

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