25 Graphs that accurately reflect the funny truth about our lives

If you think you’re the only one that makes some actions illogical, it is not true. If you think that the law of the bad leg works only for you, neither is true. Surprisingly, all the illogic, the logic strange, true always and with all.

In Great.guru as victims is typical of these current laws, but sometimes funny, now what we will show. It is written about you, right?

Scenes that start when someone enters the room while I’m watching a movie

What do I do when people ask me what I said?

What do you think about my mom when you don’t attend to the phone?

For whom is the digital code on my phone?

When my hair looks perfect?

What do I do after a nap?

How do I read a message written in capital letters?

Things that I remember from school

How do I pass the first day in a new workplace?

The people who confuse your name

When you start advertising on YouTube, I

What I teach teambuilding?

What do I do in the shower?

What I think about the pochoclos in the cinema?

What do I do when I lie?

When it rains in the movies

How I look at horror movies?

What question from people when they see that I write with my left hand?

What I’ve always thought of the math classes?

What kind of water flowing in my bathroom?

Why use sunglasses on the beach?

How I spend my vacation?

Who likes my photos on Instagram?

How to learn to understand the philosophy?

What do I do when I don’t hear the question the speaker two times in a row?

What other actions illogical notes constantly?

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