25 Ideas for Christmas trees is better not to take into account

The festive atmosphere is a thing very capricious: some people never feel it, while others from the month of October they begin to look forward to Christmas. But sooner or later everyone decorate their trees. And this is where you will manifest the creative approach and the imagination rampant. The results sometimes impress with its rarity and make the people with traditional tastes may not understand a style so peculiar.

Great.guru brought together 25 ideas for Christmas trees that you are not would have never happened. See these photos don’t spread them the spirit of christmas, but surely will make you smile.

I hubier liked to see the person who one day said: “why not make a tree… pelicans?”.

In this store used keyboards and headphones

When I went by the tree was a little bit drunk, so I bought a dragon

Someone decided not to get embroiled and decorated the bike. And became saved in your tree.

You can use the books, as long as you’re sure that you’re not going to want to read some of this before Christmas

No one wanted to decorate this tree, I was in the safe in the office, until a week before Christmas, an employee decided to save the situation

In this lab took the decoration of the tree with all the seriousness in the world and made a tree of flasks filled with solutions of colors

The tree is nostalgic for children of the 90’s fact of video cassettes

Another fallen tree. The evil sith as they pulled to the dark side of the force

The size does not matter, what matters is that there is a tree. Even if it is microscopic

Harsh, brutal and ruthless: tree of wheels auto

Tree of shrimp that is unlikely to last until midnight

Why not decorate the cat?

My neighbor decorated the wrong tree

It takes a few dozen old computers, amontónalas in the middle of the room… and voila! Your Christmas tree is ready

In this shopping center instead of a tree is this… figure

Decorate a ficus in the office is also an option

How many packs of Pringles will be needed to create this?

Physicians also celebrate Christmas

If you have a tripod, you could serve as a tree

When the creativity of the parents becomes rampant and the hairstyles of your daughters become trees of Christmas

The traffic cones also want to look good this year

If you have a dozen cans of Red Bull, you can do something like this

An idea for the more lazy. Cheap and nice

Bonus: here’s a look at a crown christmas in the office of computer programmers. Made of computer parts

What tree of this list seems the most strange? I share it in the comments!

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