25 construction Works that seem more like creations of some artist mad

All to often we make mistakes in the work, and the good thing is when we can correct them. But in some professions, not everything is so easy and every mistake can lead to results quite unexpected.

Great.guru brought together 25 errors for curious committed by masons and designers. We are sure that their intentions were good, but they do not take into account that his work required precision and maximum attention.

25. Cooling system

24. Staircase to the basement

23. It was not a good idea to play this ladder

22. Apparently, someone was in a good mood

21. Area for fans of the rival

20. “No one can steal my car!”

19. “I never thought it could be so difficult to walk by a bridge”.

18. A way for sailors

17. The ladder that I wanted to be an escalator

16. The good thing is that the masons are not asked to forget the plugs

15. Do you also hear that sound, broken glass?

14. Test: how skinny are you?

13. How many employees of museums will have been fainted?

12. A view curious from the balcony

11. What do you know of sources?

10. The client should always know what you want, to avoid that the workmen are put to improvise

9. Two air conditioners in the emergency stairway

8. I wonder: how many people a day are disabled after you exit for this door?

7. After the installation of the windows, the balconies became obsolete

6. They say that those who use this elevator to go crazy when you see the buttons well numbered

5. It seems that the designer and the bricklayer is not understood well

4. The good thing is that there is no need to touch the door

3. The table that is always free

2. Some things are easier to do on your own

1. “They promised Me an original approach to the designer. Where do I look now?”

Bonus: the builders did everything possible for your safety.

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