25 Occasions on which strangers sneaked in photos of others and I added more charm

They say that the candid shots are the most vivid and emotional. It is true. Not to mention the images that come out when some strange filter on the pictures!!!

Great.guru shares with you some photos that, thanks to a pinch of madness, have become true masterpieces.

Who can find here a character cast?

“My girlfriend and I finally took a photo of a dream”

A fotobomba to the level of DiCaprio

When your friends know that you love to ruin the photos and I was locked up in the hotel during your photo session

The question is: who is the most surprised?

“Love, I’m pregnant”

“Not all of them have had a night as good”

“I was looking at his photos from the trip to Iceland, and by chance I stumbled upon the best fotobomba of the century”

When you try to take a pretty picture, but prince Harry grimaces in the background

“This is our favorite photo of the wedding. Rather, it was the favorite until we found someone remaining there”

When dad can’t live without jokes

“Human, how is that not me you had a guest?”


“My dog also knows how to do fotobombas”

This girl just decided to leave as well in the photo

“Sorry, girls, it is a secret operation to catch a dangerous criminal”

This couple wanted to take a picture with a hippo, but suddenly a young man knelt. This was the result

It was a good party with a few contests interesting

When a famous astrophysicist sneaks into your photo

What do you think the fotobomba most tender of all time?

Instead of thousands of selfies

The man in the back ruined it all

“What about you what are you doing here?”

“So you lived my proposal of marriage”

“Yyyy… you selfie!”

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