25+ Offices in which working people with a great sense of humor

When next to you are working people able to give a positive view on work days, so Monday morning doesn’t seem so unpleasant.

Great.guru met fun examples of how you can fight against the boredom in the workplace.

“The keyboard after returning from two weeks of vacation”

“My colleague told me that they didn’t use sticky notes for unnecessary things, this was what I did in his office”

In the refrigerator there is a mystery in the style of the detective novels

Someone in my office came up with a great idea

When your colleague adores christmas

“When you paste this note on the coffee maker to the office, happened the best 3 hours of my life”

Original alternative to shelving in the bathroom of the office

He left his place for 10 minutes

He asked his boss to buy a watch for the office

“At work refused to remove these antiquities, and this was the most logical thing that happened to me”

“A friend and her colleagues did a war of the sticky notes with the front office. Yesterday, the neighbors won”.

“Announcement in the office of the chief”

“About warning there is no deceit”

“When you’re the only man in the office”

“The jokes are always bad programmers”

“It really is a lousy service”

“After a long chat by phone with the group of guys, we decided that if in the women’s toilet there is an orchid, then in our bathroom has to have an aquarium with sharks. This was what brought us the manager of the office.”

“The unexpected problems of tall people”

“I left my toy car in the meeting room and the fine for park evil was not long in coming”

“Edward the elusive”

“I Hold Ramon! Your colleagues will save you”

“To the printer of the work was found to be a more suitable use”

“A friendly environment in the office has no price”

“Who said that programmers can’t be creative people?”

“My colleagues always drawn with markers the picture of my daughter”

“How to avoid complaints in the office”

“Without shame and without conscience”

How to survive the reporting period?

“Here is a good recycling”

“Last week I I joke about the age of a colleague of mine, which is older than me by 12 years. Today he brought me this.”

“When you receive your payment in cash and the boss thinks that is funny”

“I made a game to measure trust. Only a few hours after the first brave dared to try it. Spoiler: they were donuts normal”.

We in the editoral of Great.guru we know how amazing it is when the colleagues that you work with have a good senitdo of humor. It tell us if also you were lucky with your work colleagues!

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