25 Parents who took teasing to a new level

The sense of humor of our parents is special. Only they know bet jokes fine and ruthless at the same time.

Great.guru gathered for you the 25 evidence that the pranks of a dad is the best.

“My wife asked me what I wanted to do for breakfast on the Day of the parents”

“I complained to dad that my house had disconnected the light. A minute later I got the report that help was on the way”

“After many discussions, finally convinced dad to change his Nokia for an iPhone. Today I got the holster I had ordered”

When dad is not allowed to pass or an opportunity to trolearte

“They made Me a fine of $ 39.95 USD when I brought my son to the hospital. Now this is his favorite t-shirt”

“Dad did not miss the opportunity of fotografiarme when my first girlfriend hit me in the eye”

“The joke that my dad did during a game of basketball at the school”

Conor McGregor bought his newborn son a suit to go see his fight

“One of the advantages of the low height is that you can bring your daughter home in her Barbie Jeep in the event that we pass the glasses of soda”

“Dad hates cats. This is the photo she sent me while I was tending to my own”

“In first grade I made him this scarf to my dad. Today was my graduation party”

“Dad traveled to Tokyo. Asked him to send me a photo”

Only one person in our family could have made this joke

“My boyfriend went to his parents ‘ house a year ago. I think I already found you a replacement”

The comprehensive illustration of all the possible reactions to the joke of a dad

“Driving home, dad sent me this photo”

If your dad is the police of the fashion

“In 1994, I said that I wanted to be an ear for Halloween. Dad took it with all seriousness”

“My sister was prepared to go to the dance in the military. Dad also wanted to go”

“When I was 12, I attacked a monkey in Costa Rica. Dad organized tourist trips there, and then I found this photo among his things”

Only the beer and wings will save you from the despair in the children’s parties

When you’re the daughter of a mega-troll

“That feeling of the sense of fatherly pride when you get to a wine shop and you see a false identification of your child, hung on the wall of shame”

“My girlfriend went up our photo and this was what you wrote about your dad”

“Look, dad, you’re on the big screen!”

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