25 Passengers who did their best to get lost in the crowd

The metro is an interesting place. Only here you can find superheroes, villains, and fantastic creatures who sit at our side.

Great.guru compiled the photos of those who definitely will be able to decorate a long trip on public transport.

25. Bruce, I am your father

24. When you are not sure of where you are going your train: at the center of the city or to hell

23. This hamster goes to work and does not complain that he has paws. I know as the hamster

22. When I was late at work, but you still have to prepare dinner

21. It seems that this was not the entrance to the underground parking

20. It is better that the thugs don’t come to this wagon

19. The metro is London’s modern and the passing of the victorian era

18. How many passengers you see here?

17. Apparently, you need a doctor

16. When you spend the entire day fulfilling the desires, and still don’t have auto

—Mommy, my head hurts.

—It is all by your computer!

14. Don’t expect to release the seat

13. When you tried to flee from the Stormtroopers in a train instead of using a plane

12. Somewhere in Russia

11. The food is sacred

10. And no one nor siquera is turned to see the peacock

9. When you’re an introvert and you’re forced to travel in the metro daily

8. It is always great to travel a couple of stations before getting to your man cave

7. When you realize that not you fit in the environment, but you try to act natural

6. The rhino-world’s most modern

5. Is it my imagination or the train made a stop in the 80’s?

4. When before you save the world you forget to charge your suit

3. A facehugger will not let you fly your space rocket

2. Hello!

1. It seems that this Pikachu ate a person

Bonus: sometimes you are the only passenger different in a bus

What passengers unusual you have known you in the metro? Share your stories in the comments.

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