25 People whose imagination is so rich that it is time to enclose it in a safety deposit box

For a person with a lot of imagination there are no limitations: any object or phenomenon in the world around may seem to be something different, not what it is in reality.

In Great.guru we find examples of how people with a lot of imagination to see the world under another angle and after such visual renditions it is hard to stop to notice them.

It seems that this illusionist is kissing the dragon’s fire

These Martinis can be taken by bar chairs

“This changuito looks like any girl I know who studies abroad”

“This flight attendant looks as if it were to inaugurate the ’hunger Games’”

“My cat is like a snail when you are doing your needs”

It seems that these two coolers of water are about to get married

This bike looks like a robot that does squats

“This picture of my son looks like a poster of some horror movie”

“The table of my son seems to Jupiter”

“My cats in this picture look as if it were an oil painting, which hangs above a fireplace in a house that smells like red wood”

A cloud on Madeira that looks more like a ball of fire

This plug looks like a bodybuilder

The trunk of this pumpkin looks like a dragon

“I think this cloud looks like a soldier shooting a rifle”

It is only a stone that looks like a sandwich with cheese

These animals look as if they had just recorded the best album of the indie music

“My sock looks like a gaping mouth”

“The icing of these cookies gives the impression that they cut the throat to these bears and their wounds are bleeding”

“This banana looks like the dog my mom”

This mattress looks like a ice cream with chocolate cookie

“This lava froze in such a way that it looks like souls of sinners being dragged to the depths of hell”

This opal looks more like sunset in the clouds

“This church looks like a chicken stone”

A model of tennis very rare

“My muffin with cinnamon looks like an alien agony”

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