25 People who contribute to this world in your grain of goodness to make it better

Good works are neither large nor small. Even the act more selfless and insignificant to take care of the neighbor can become for someone a real miracle and change your life.

Great.guru has collected for you 25 examples of actions kind that you will come to the soul. At the end of the article, we have prepared a special bonus with which you can not avoid a smile.

“One of my students found on the campus a puppy and now I take care of this little”

Although the people simply does its job, that’s not to say that you do not deserve a gesture of gratitude

“My 5 year old daughter pick up trash in our neighborhood”

A man of advanced age, suffered a heart attack when you took away the snow in a path to your house. The paramedics took him to hospital and returned to finish this work

“In our neighborhood lives a gazelle blind and this boy of 10 years each day before going to school, takes her to the meadows with grass to ensure that you can eat”

“Today, I have about 20 scarves of this sort in a park where they usually spend the night homeless people”

This student from Latvia in two years helped more than 350 feral cats to find a new family

This paramedic australian made to fulfill the wish of a dying patient who wanted to visit the beach

When, after the hurricane, in the neighborhood, almost no one had electricity, this family provided to all who needed Wifi, coffee and possibility to charge phones

John Joyce, is 83 years old, earns a living by cutting the grass. When your car broke down, he was forced to push the lawn mower a few miles to get to the home of each client. These spouses organized a campaign and were able to raise money to have a new car

This man of 94 years that she suffered from the loneliness he built in his courtyard a swimming pool for the neighborhood kids

Children in Puerto Rico, with the help of their toys, co-operate in the tasks of cleaning the road

“4 years ago someone on the Internet you colored this picture of my grandparents. The image became the only thing that made my grandmother smile in his last days”

“I helped this older lady with her luggage on the subway and I received as a reward two bananas: one for each staircase”

“Some kind person left a train ticket valid close to me and this became a good start of my day”

This man ate in the bar only. To view the article, other visitors to the facility and sat down with him and began to chat, to ask him about his life and, later, accompanied him to the car

These men of the transportation company to help you move for free to women who are victims of abuse

It seems rather small: share your telescope with others

This man every year visit the cemetery to tend the graves of the forgotten heroes

This cafe in Greece allowed to take the stray dogs to spend the night

“When I went in the car to pick up my carry-out order at Starbucks, it turned out that the guys that were in front of me had already paid for my coffee and had left me this note”

A police irish retired every night prepare 50 meals for the homeless. He lives with a pension and pays for all the expenses

“A couple very nice found the medal of my grandfather in an abandoned house, in a box that said ’pull’ and handed it back to my family”

“My father died of cancer when I was 16 years old. Before his death, organized the delivery of flowers for me in the day of my birthday. Today I am 21 and this is my last bouquet. I miss you so much, dad”

This young man, who beat cancer in your childhood, 20 years later returned to the same hospital as a nurse


Sometimes it is enough just with a couple of kind words. Are enough to convert the day of another person into something special. Share with us your good works and those of others who know that the warmth of the same overrun us.

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