25 People who suddenly were met with their double

It happens at times that you can look at you from another angle in a literal way. And the people that leave in this article have proved it.

Great.guru collected some photos that show that that that we all have a double there is no theory.

25. When a stranger is your exact copy, but in smaller version

24. The three played in different school bands

23. This guy does not look thrilled to realize that it was not so unique in Thailand

22. “The husband of my friend traveled on an airplane next to a double of yours. They decided to celebrate this landing”

21. Oh ray, you are already three!!!

20. “Back from work I went to a shop and it turns out that I just got back from space”

19. “We see a promising future in front of us”

18. “When I first went to college, a lot of people deconocidas greeted me: ’Hello, ‘ Bryan’, although I am George. Then I found out why”

17. This really is a madness

16. What will be sisters separated at birth?

15. That facial expression when you find your double and you want to play a joke to your family

14. “I stumbled across a copy of mine. My father, my cousins and my brother were not able to distinguish ourselves”

13. “The girlfriend of this guy confused me with him, so it was like we first met”

12. When your double is a guy dangerous

11. Could it be that this bar only let in the guys who wear the same?

10. Your surprise when you find your twin at a concert

9. Is it my imagination or the face of the t-shirt also looks like them?

8. As two drops of water, or perhaps it is the fault of the beard?

7. “This statue seems my copy”

6. It seems that the double of Zlatan Ibrahimović is more surprised with his resemblance to the footballer himself

5. The postman from Leicester managed to get on the bus to the club thanks to his resemblance with the front of The “foxes” Jamie Vardy

4. “We were just doing a row when it appeared this guy”

3. “It seems that I have an evil twin”, I could say any of these guys

2. If it weren’t for the different clothes, it would be impossible to guess who is who

1. “My dad wanted to look like someone famous, and one day ran into John Malkovich”

In the editorial, we are increasingly confident that our doubles are in there somewhere, and soon we will know. What about you have you ever seen your own face in the crowd?

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