25 People who have fully understood the meaning of the expression “bad luck”

Sometimes it happens that haunts us bad luck. To such a degree that we don’t know what to do: fight bravely against the target or to quit everything and stay home. It seems to us that the protagonists of this selection would have preferred this second option.

Great.guru gathered for you the most curious in that the percentage of bad luck exceeded all limits.

25. Very good photo. Will it be performed?

24. Not always the compliments of a colleague are pleasant

23. With you the famous canary killer

22. The hyena looks very happy. Unlike the girl

21. It exactly right with the pattern

20. That awkward moment when the hair color matches perfectly with the bag

19. It is only wine on the bride’s dress

18. When you’re the only man in a yoga class

17. Will it be a uniform or a glitch in the matrix?

16. 100% successful

15. Undercover cop

14. How can I eat when I are looking at as well?

13. It exactly right with the shortcut

12. To be a dancer is painful

11. How was that not saw the post?

10. Not sure who is getting

9. It will be fun, they said

8. When these lovely creatures bite you

7. I wasn’t expecting that from you, Fluff

6. An efficient method to distract someone from your mobile

5. We hope that no one on the other side of the door


—Let me go


3. So it is more comfortable bathing

2. You must share everything with our brothers and sisters without voice

1. Maybe mona wanted to take a selfie with this girl

This type of amusing situations and dangerous and happen every day. What ever you or your loved one has passed something similar? If so, please tell us.

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