25 People that forced the circumstances to work in your favor

Some people do not stop before the difficulties and make decisions that amaze and surprise the world. Surely this is the rise of the hammock floating, the cookies cooked inside a car, the dog meter or the DVD that makes the rear view mirror. And maybe these inventions are not very practical, but definitely will be able to rejoice the day.

Great.guru is ready to share with you photos of people who, clearly, are intended to be the title of mad genius.

When your expensive piece starts to overheat, come into play dementia and courage

Is there not a free seat on the bus? No matter, we will set up one of your own

When you really want to get married, but the perfect women only exist in the network

When the nature shows you the way

“A friend sold his furniture, but he doesn’t know his size, so he used his dog to show the scale”

Do you want to sit back in a hammock, but is calling on the smooth surface of the lake? The result is obvious

When you don’t have a ruler to hand, it will help you wit, and a… cookie

The spring rain removes the dust from the streets, and the fear of the people

When the patience ends before the journey from home to school

“The vet said a cone especially for the dog will cost like 50 dollars, so already”

If the result is the same, why pay more?

“Yes, today is bake cookies in my car, and they were delicious. In addition, now the interior smells magnificently. It is, in short, perfect”

When giraste wrong once, and you drive all year like a mad scientist

Who cares that it looks strange, if it works

When you decide to use the most powerful weapon in the fight for the cleaning of the bathroom

When the soup is too hot, look for original solutions

Music lovers can also be creative

When the desire for comfort becomes stronger than the sense of style

It seems that this man is living in the year 2118

Can’t you fix the car? I sew!

When you can no longer wait for the phone finishes charging

“Dad ’repaired’ the door of our washing machine that was broken”

When the pit stop was not as successful

Perhaps, this is how you should see the appointments of the TWENTY-first century

When you decide to tackle your favorite game from a different angle

It only remains to think about how to do a dive team with the materials in house so that the game doesn’t end so fast. What do you, ever, you had to do something great?

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