25 People who were not able to take a simple photo with a famous, but a whole fotobomba

Take a photo with a famous already half of the success. It is difficult to achieve taking a picture really successful. In addition, some trigger your creativity or let out their emotions at inopportune times, and sometimes the celebrities make it.

Great.guru invites you to look at a few photos that became a real fotobombas. Surely not you had seen.

25. A perfect photo with Bill Clinton

24. “Nicolas Cage came to eat at our restaurant and asked for champagne. How could this have happened?”.

23. It also flies in economy class!

22. “Bill Murray is looking at my bust. My only photo with him. ’Thank you’ to my aunt.”

21. “I found Peter to bad griesbach in the premiere of a movie and I asked him for a photo”.

20. “To find Morgan Freeman is too exciting.”

19. When you are in synch with your idol

18. “Adam Sandler recognized me and came out to take a picture with me, after that I left a post about me on Reddit. Guess who is who.”

17. “Apparently, Rihanna was not very excited to see me”.

16. “I met the queen!”

15. “When I took this selfie, I asked Samuel L. Jackson to show what he felt during that sort of thing”

14. “My friend went to a Broadway show and then a guy took his mobile phone and took a selfie with her.”

13. Sophie Turner is thrilled to have behind him to Ryan Gosling

12. Fans happy, Kanye West sad

11. When you go to school and you bump into a prince

10. It seems that this small fan is not excited to see Johnny Depp

9. Meeting of the fans of Ed Sheeran

8. “This establishment joked and offered free food to Liam Neeson — and he came!”

7. “Girls, say ’I Quesooo!’”

6. “The best selfie of my life!”

5. “Ok, Robert Pattinson yes I found it, but where is the camera on this mobile useless?”

4. The dream of many girls

3. What you would not like to thrill your fan?

2. “My friend was having fun in a bar and found there to Tom Hanks. For some reason, stole his glasses and fell asleep. But Tom knew what to do!”

1. “A friend met Beyonce in New Orleans. She said: ’I’m going to imitate the face you to do you.’”

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