25 People who receive the New Year with humor

The holidays are unthinkable without trees decorated, contests, gifts, cards for family, friends, and other attributes. And if some prefer to spend these days at home, others do it with humor and fantasy.

Great.guru invites you to take a look at these 25 resourceful individuals who know how to create the mood festive.

“My friend’s not in despair”

A photo session failed

It is not the only photo “successful”, the others are here.

“I’ve been single all my life”

And this year also, which is checked with this card new.

“Sending these cards to my friends and family since 2008, because my mom forces me to do it”

Other postcards of the fun John are here.

“I turned my hair into a tree for the costume contest in the office and I won”

“This is my gift”

“After the divorce, I stayed with the cat. Merry Christmas!”

As is well known, Bill Gates is a “secret Santa”. In 2017, again assumed that role

More photos of their gifts, here.

“It’s a perfect photo. Thank You, Santa!”

“The Christmas solitary of my solitariahermana”

According to other cards that shared by his brother, the girl has spent years looking for a mate. We hope you will find your perfect guy.

“I took Bella, my retriever of 10 years, to the office with your collar holiday”

This guy lost a hand and the girl went through a mastectomy. But not lost their sense of humor

Someone is tired of the cottages of gingerbread cookies and decided to build a star destroyer

“The chief and I participated in the contest of the sweater more ugly”

It seems that this family loves the retro style. Just imagine Def Leppard background

Most cards of this happy family, here.

“My husband and I bought this tree ’incomplete’ and turn it into a masterpiece”

“Someone took this picture at the party of my girlfriend and made this postcard”

“My wife called me and told me that he had taken the best photo for a christmas card”

“Santa, more sensual than I’ve seen in my life”

“The wife of my brother gave him the gift of leggings with Steve Buscemi for Christmas”

“Your sock with gifts is full and the trash can, empty. With love, uncle Randy”

This lord is parodying the scene from the movie “Christmas Vacation”. If you have never seen, now is the time.

Boris von Kitten with her human getting ready for the holidays

“The postal employees at our local pizzeria”

A Christmas tree at the faculty of pedagogy

“Our christmas card came out even better than we expected”

“When the dogs were ready for the photo, he approached the cat and sat down beside her”

If you or your friends have holiday photos fun, don’t be afraid to share them in the comments. Let all the world to see!

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