25 Evidence of that nature sooner or later will win out over humanity, no matter what

Despite the fact that the human being is still trying to conquer the external world, nature has already said it all. Great.guru prepared for you 25 tests that we always win.

Let’s see this epic battle: Nature vs. Humanity.

25. What quarry? Well not anymore!

24. When you have your own melody in this life

23. When you like the ancient temples

22. And you have your own opinion about its decoration

21. Not only the children they want to get on to a wheel of fortune

20. Did you want a hotel close to the nature, not?

19. But, oh, what a view opens from its windows!

18. Camouflage: Level 80

17. When you are a true lady

16. It seems that someone lost his ticket parking

15. When a yacht for you is not enough

14. And how do you store you your memories?

13. I think that the conversation is not finished

12. When you do not forgot to irrigate

11. When you know how to hide your footprints

10. When the nature is the best architect

9. Tunnel where you can’t miss

8. It is not painted! But be careful!

7. Have you reserved a room for negotiations?

6. When you live in Namibia and makes so much that you’re not going to your house

5. In a shopping centre with friends

4. When neither the particular scares you

3. Dear, you’re not going to believe what happened to me

2. When the plants in your home grew quite a bit and want your own room


And you, what side are you on?

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