25 Evidence that the sum of a lot of free time and persistence give an impressive result

Some people spend their spare time in front of the television, read books, walk, do exercise. But there are those who prefer to devote their time to activities incredible.

In Great.guru we love creativity and we present 25 photos of people who always know what to do. At the end of the article you expect a bonus interesting about this is what they can do in their time off your pet.

“My room neighbor did to a kitten with foam of soap.”

“My friend was very but very boring.”

I wonder if it will have clothing polka dot in your wardrobe.

“I worked on this megavela for 15 years and sold it in 200 dollars”.

This girl spent four years and ten thousand wrappers of candy Starburst to create this dress.

“My wife in his free time he goes to wrap the dog.”

Even children sometimes get bored and organized the areas by color.

“I collect stones like eggs.”

“Sometimes I get bored too and practical to maintain the balance of different things on the head of my wife.”

“I made this chess of threads and screws that are sold in hardware stores”.

“After 5 years finally I put together a deck full of the cards found in the different streets of the world”.

This French collects sand. At this point in his collection there are 4769 samples from all over the world.

“My dad tried to grow pineapples. This year finally earned their first harvest. I was so proud I even ordered a photo session with one of their fruit”.

“Now I know that the fur of my cat in the sun heats up to 50 degrees celsius”.

“It took me three years to make this area of the remains of soap small that it fell through the grid”.

“Three years ago my husband told me I needed a hobby. I think that he is sorry for his proposal.”

It had nothing to do at work.

“Recently, my brother began to practice calligraphy. And this was what I found in the fridge today”.

“I am incredibly great in my new hobby of making figures of balloons”.

“I collect photos of cats that are about to sneeze”.

“My friend is very talented in the art of calculators”.

“You need a hobby“, I said. ”It will be fun,” I said.

“I was bored and I made Jupiter in my cup of coffee”.

This guy from Sweden decorate in their spare time the shells of snails.

Bonus. “It seems to Me that my cat works as a model in your free time.”

You’ll agree that these guys have a few hobbies, great. What about you how you spend your spare time in the evenings? It tell us in the comments!

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