25 Evidence that the student life is the best stage of life

Bad is the student who during their studies have not racked up a couple of funny stories. Possibly due to the atmosphere of not doing anything and have fun we like to remember this period.

Great.guru collected some pictures to remember these crazy days. Don’t miss the bonus at the end!

When you just get the title of livestock

“My teacher once took the cell of a companion and stared at the wall. Since then 20 years have passed and the phone still in the same place”

“My wife and I found pictures of the times in the university”

A little bit of my plans

When you’re sick and tired of losing pencils

“In my university everything is very severe”

Here’s a look at the student solidarity

This is a woman of the year 2057

“So try to prevent the thefts in the university”

We survived as we could

A modestoárbol of Christmas the students of medicine

“I had No forks, nor spoons, so I broke a hook, and I ate with your help”

Where is Agnes?

Without the group head we’d all be lost

Clothes dryer innovative

“Someone managed to toss a beer bottle to the wall of the university without breaking it”

When you are trying to deliver the exam at the last moment

So are the expectations of the students newly admitted

“I visited my son who is studying in the university. This is the courtyard of where he lives”

Apartments Polish “luxury” for students

“Wrap the dishes with cellophane not to wash them”

When the technician resigned

The truth student

When you woke up and you realize that you no longer had to go to the university

When you’re ready for Christmas but you have to present final exams

Bonus. Did you have teachers fun during your time of studies?

  • “I had a teacher who during class, asking, “do you Mean in an understandable way?” and I stated with my head. One day I was in a bad mood, I didn’t want to affirm with the head, and he started to scream: “why didn’t you confirmed with the head? I don’t understand if you get the sense of my words or not!”, and so all of the students knew about our non-verbal communication.

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