25 Evidence that there is no force more destructive in the world that a child left unattended

If you have small children in your house, surely you know that there is nothing more distressing that a prolonged silence.

Great.guru found for you 26 photos that demonstrate how much destruction may be hidden behind several minutes of silence. In the end, you add a bonus: an example of the children do not know the word “enough”.

He had good intentions

“I said that I wanted to play 5 minutitos alone”.

The neighbor’s kids are playing to an accident

“My 6 year old son was asking me again and again if I was not going to go to the bathroom. I just discovered why.”

“This is what happens if you blink”.

What happens is that the butter looks too much like the ice cream

Survived a children’s party

“That is why I hate the silence in the house.”

“The children rose early to help paint the basement”.

“I don’t regret anything.”

Hurricane “Children”: hard and ruthless

Hunters sweet, episode 403

The doctors say that this is good for developing fine motor skills

“If I do not like everything, at least I try”.

There is nothing that can rescue this chair

“I didn’t know what to think when my neighbor police, ex-marine, ran to my house in a panic:” Come… quick… my children… it is everywhere… my wife is not at home…’”.

Get stuck in the least expected places is a child talent special

Dad said that he had a treasure hidden in the house

“Almost gave me a heart attack when we came back from the store”.

“Mom, you wanted to help to solve all your puzzles favorite”.

I wonder: do the vendors of stores for children give them some bonus for the nerves?

“That time when my children turned on the siren on the police car”.

Because for a true artist all the world is a canvas

So the sound is better

It is difficult to understand who mimics whom

Bonus. “In the childhood I loved so much the strawberries that I ate until I was starting to feel bad. This is one of those moments.”

But even the antics more destructive are committed with an attitude of innocent and looking so charming that I can forgive it! What you’ve had to deal with the consequences of such antics of children? Please share your stories in the comments!

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