25 very familiar Situations for all those suffering from vision problems

People with vision problems are often encountered with situations that others simply can’t understand.

Great.guru has compiled for you the funniest moments that will recognize anyone who is forced to use lenses.

25. When you have bad sight and someone on the street has said “hello”

24. When you’re forced to see the world twisted every time you lie

23. When the safety of your lenses, over time, begins to worry less

22. When the world with lenses and without them there are two parallel universes

21. When others do not understand your problems at all

20. When the rain is a serious reason to stay home

19. When the objects around you to acquire unusual shapes

18. When the lenses, far from improving, the view, the worse

17. When you’re forced to adopt measures that are more serious

16. When you find your lenses in the department of jokes of a store

15. When you know that blueberries are very good for the view and try to surround yourself with them

14. When every attempt to see a movie in 3D, it looks exactly like that

13. When you can not see something without a frown

12. When the morning begins, but not with the coffee

11. When you are willing to assimilate any trick for your comfort

10. When the manufacturers of saddles don’t understand

9. “When my husband asked me how it was a myopia of 5.5, I drew this”

8. When you want to adopt a kitten from the street, but when you see it close up, arrows to run

7. When you’re trying to see something far away and you look exactly like that

6. Each time you want to enjoy a hot coffee

5. When das with the exact site

4. When you go outside on a sunny day

3. When the view you fail in the situations that are most unexpected

2. When you know for sure: the tracks can not be only the marks of the fingers

1. When the expectations, constantly, do not coincide with reality

Of course, the main thing is to take any small difficulty in life with good humor. Do you recognise yourself or your friends in any of these situations? Please share in the comments!

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