26 Teenagers from the 2000 that they wanted to be great and they got

When the desire of self-acceptance of a teen is validated by him in a fashion expressive of 2000, the result is a mixture is truly explosive. And these photos confirm it.

Users whose youth passed at the beginning of the new millennium have kindly shared their images and don’t forgot to make fun of themselves. Great.guru shares all this with you.

“It is my favorite photograph. I’m at the top of the left side”

“When my boyfriend was 14 and he had a leather jacket. He asked his mom to take the photo in her bedroom”

“I always wore this sweater and hat in school”

“My arrival could guess by the sound”

“My picture in the album of graduation from the year 2002: NSYNC and the curls in the form of icicles were very popular”

“Now I see this old photo and it makes me want to scratch my face”

“Have you ever seen dreadlocks, braids and pigtails at the same time? My photo for the album graduation”

“There can be No more hip-hop that my sister in the last grades of school”

“I thought I was too attractive”

“It was too cool for the beach and pretending that there was nothing to heat”

“I was trapped in the ’70s to live in 2007”

“He was a real rapper-gangster in high school”

“I still don’t understand why the girls only want me as a friend”.

“Using a self-tanner, I painted the arms and legs and so I spent a couple of months. For some reason, just seemed to me cool

“So I saw when I was 20 years old”

“Yes, they are authentic!”

“They called Me ’Professor Snape’”

“Between my phases of emo and a fan of the boybands, ready for a concert”

“Here I am with my boyfriend”

“Oh, demons! I looked phenomenal during my trip to Washington”

“It is a gloomy gothic of 2007”

“Is my boyfriend in the seventh grade”

“My grandmother put in a frame for my photo of the 2004 and show it to all with pride . Never played the guitar, just in case”

“What made it worse was that my parents allowed me to go to school”

“The truth is that he wanted to see me as a ’Trinity’”

“My disguise, 1999. It is as well as in the films of those years saw the fashion of the future”

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